• Led Lenser X21R.2
The huge range of award and LED Lenser's most powerful battery light - the Lenser X21R charging LED. It's a sensation in the field of light. With its 3,200 lumen output, it has no competition and can easily beat any of the car's headlights. The entire light-emitting process is controlled by the patented micro-chip system called Smart Light Technology, SLT. Along with the SLT system, there's another easy-to-use mechanism for controlling the Lenser X21R LED light. And this is the Advanced Focus System. Thanks to it you can functionally and easily control the radiated light cone current. You get a narrow strip of light up to 700 meters long or a wide cone of light with great reach to the sides around you. In the LED Lenser X21R head, we find 7 extremely powerful High End Power LEDs and a battery-powered rechargeable battery that includes 4 DNiMH batteries. Therefore, not only is the Lenser X21R LED flashlight, but also the charging and protective antechambers, the accumulator block for easier charging, and the straps for lightening the lamp. In the Lenser X21R, we find 3 different types of light program, namely Professional, Defense and Easy. You can then choose from 8 other available features, such as Booster, Stroboscopic Flash, SOS Signal Light, and many more, which you can read in the labels below. An advantage is the option to decide whether or not to operate the X21R in a controlled mode. Especially when the focus is set correctly, the luminaire will create a bright light beam that will display everything. The Lenser X21R LED is primarily designed for police, security agencies and all who appreciate and use its extra strong and intense radiation. A large number of users can also take up resistance to normal spray, dust, and impact. It is not recommended to recommend this flashlight.
Parameters: LED: 7 x High End Power LED.
Dimensions:. Length 412mm. Weight 1440g. 3200 lumen light flux. Range 700m. Duration Max. Minimum power 40hrs.

Material: alloy-resistant aluminum alloy Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

Color: black

Recommended price: 550.00 €

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Led Lenser X21R.2

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