• Nitecore MH25GT
LED light: The Nitecore MH series comes out of a simple control. The MH Series Luminaires are equipped with an intelligent charging circuit and an integrated charging USB port. The USB cable is included, so you can charge it from any USB power source. Compared to the previous MH25, the Cree XP-L HI V3 LED is equipped with a new MH25GT LED flashlight with a maximum LED output of 1000lm and a light range of 452m. By fitting this new LED, an increase in maximum output and light range has been achieved. The MH25GT is powered by a Nitecore 18650 3400mAh 3.7V Li-Ion battery pack (included), capable of charging it quickly and efficiently. Used LED: Cree XP-L HI V3 LED LED life: 50000hrs. Maximum LED Output: 1000 Lumens Light Range: 452 Meters Suitable Batteries / Batteries: 1x 18650/2 x CR123 The luminaire has a pronounced focus with a gradual transition to the halo Number of Modes: 6 Modes - 100%, 30%, 11%, 5%, SOS , STROBE.Maximum light duration: 1 hour. (max. power) Maximum lamp life: 36hrs. (minimum power) Shock resistance: from 1.5 m height Waterproof: according to IPX-8 standard Lighting time: 1 hour (1000lm-100% power), 4hrs. (300lm-30% power), 10h45min. (110lm-11% power), 36hrs. (50lm-5% power)
Control: Control of the light: When the reflector is fully tightened, you have the maximum mode. Turn it on by pressing the switch at the end of the light. To change the mode, let the reflector turn about a quarter turn, the light switches to the next mode. It is now possible to switch individual modes by gently squeezing the tactical switch at the end of the luminaire. For the selected mode, you only need to press the button. To use only one mode, just tighten the head of the light. Charging: Charging is done via a USB connector underneath a metal ring that is located beneath the head of the light and must be enabled by turning it to the left and unscrew until you have micro USB input. To turn on the charger, you must turn it on - next to the charging terminal, a small red LED flashes once per second. When the battery is fully charged in the lamp body, this LED lights up green. Caution: If the sealing rings on the luminaire show signs of damage, replace them. The rings must also be rubbed to avoid erosion of the rubber. Regular sealing of o-ring seals will protect your light from external influences. If the light flashes or does not illuminate, it may be caused by: The batteries are almost exhausted - charge or replace them. Contacts inside the light are clogged - clean them and apply Deoxidizer or other contact agent. The head, body or rear of the lamp is released - add the lubricant to the sealing rings and tighten the fixed head and the end of the light. Insert the batteries with the positive pole towards the head of the lamp to avoid damaging the light. Li-ion batteries may not be fully discharged due to shorter battery life. if you notice a significant decrease in lumen on your luminaire, let the battery charge. The luminaire has great light output. Do not look at the reflector when lighting and make sure you do not even spot others in the eye.
Dimensions: Length 16cm, Reflector Diameter 40mm, Body Diameter 25.4mm, Weight without Battery 143g

Material: alloy-resistant aluminum alloy Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

Color: black

Recommended price: 155.00 €

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Nitecore MH25GT

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